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Pricing the services of any product or service is extremely important. The same applies to any real estate buying or selling. While the buyer would like to be sure that he is buying the property at the right price, the seller would like to ensure that he is getting good value for money through the entire selling process.

We, as a reasonably well known real estate conveyancing company, have played a big role ensure that the customers can get a good value for money whether they are buying a property or selling it. Many of us may wonder how conveyancing can play a major role in the pricing of a real estate property. This is possible in more ways than one.  Most of the persons who have a reasonably good knowledge of conveyancing would certainly understand the valuation of the property has a very important role to play.

Apart from ensuring that the buyers in particular have a satisfactory picture about the fair market value of the property that they are planning to purchase, there are other ways and means in which conveyancing can help. A good valuers report, generated by us also has a number of subjective bits of information that can be very useful both for the buyers and sellers. We can help them to take a decision whether to buy or not to buy a particular property. In the same light we can also help sellers to decide to back off from a transaction if they find big discrepancies in the valuers reports when compared to what is being offered by the market.

Further there are many other reasons why we can influence the price of a particular property. A property that is free of easements, covenants and other such encumbrances will certainly fetch a much higher property than the one which suffer from these shortcomings. However, the presence or absence of these problems can be found out only when we investigate and search the property documents and history from several angles. In the same light age of the property, location, condition of the property also have a very important role to play as far as the pricing of a property is concerned. Here too the we as a conveyancing company play a big role by ensuring that all factual information are made available to the various stake holders.

Hence, if you are buyer or seller wanting the best of pricing for your real estate, please do contact us.