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Mortgage Refinancing

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to take our services as far as mortgage refinancing. Apart from being one of the most popular conveyancing companies in Brisbane, we are also actively in to arranging for mortgage refinancing. We do not fund the customers but we liaise with the banks and financial institutions on behalf of our customers and arrange for the best deals possible.

However, we always try and educate the customers whether it is beneficial or prudent to go in for mortgage refinancing. This is because we have come across quite a few instances where customers go in for this type of refinancing to meet some non essential financial needs. This is very imprudent because of the fact that these mortgage refinancing loans are long drawn and hence the customers will end up paying high interest for such borrowing that is not justified.

We have our own team of counsellors and advisors who try and explain to our customers regarding the benefits and disadvantages associated with mortgage refinancing. In most of the cases we recommend them to go in for this loan only when there is a financial benefit out of it. Otherwise we ask to stay away from such long term commitments.

But one the customers and we feel that such mortgage refinancing is justified, we get into the next action mode. It is quite certain that the customers would have borrowed from one particular bank or financial institution. We find out the balance outstanding and also go through the various steps that are required for helping our customers to get the mortgage refinancing processed as fast as possible. There are certainly a number of processes and steps that are to be gone through.

There is a due diligence process that needs to be done to find out more about the cost of such mortgage refinancing. We help our customers to find out whether there are some hidden costs that might push the cost of such mortgage refinancing. Based on the customers’ credit history record, we push the banks to offer the best possible rates for such mortgage refinancing loans.

Last but not the least there are a number of documents and other administrative works that have to be gone through once the customer, in principle, has agreed to go in for home mortgage refinancing needs. We provide the services of legally examining the agreement and ensure that it is fair to the borrowers from all points of view. Our job ends only when the customer gets his mortgage refinancing credited to his bank account.