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The price at which a product or service is made available to customers certainly plays a big role in defining it success or otherwise. The same applied to conveyancing services too. We, as a reputed and well known conveyancing company, have been able to offer the entire range of conveyancing services at reasonable rates that is benchmarked to the market and competition. However, in our quest to be price competitive we have never compromised on the quality of our deliverables. We are successful in this highly competitive business because of the simple reason that our focus always has been customer excellence and 100% commitment to customer service.

There are quite a few reasons why we are considered so very price competitive. We have been able to totally redefine the entire process of conveyancing and have different departments handling different types of activities. We have been able to over the years remove bottle necks and duplication of work which could result in slowing down of the process. This coupled with scientific and intelligent use of technology has also helped us to make our fees quite low when compared to others in the market.

We are one of the few conveyancers who are in a position to offer online conveyancing. This certainly helps both the customers and us in more ways than one. Our customers do find a lot of value addition by way of savings in time. As far as we are concerned, online valuation has resulted in doing away with some unproductive work. This has resulted in overall increase in efficiency levels and also reduced costs. The benefits of cost reduction are passed on to the customers by way of lower fees.

We have different types of fee structures for different kinds of services. For example, we offer end to end services covering all the processes that are required to be gone through. We offer this as a total package and therefore our fees are quite low for such complete packages. On the other hand if we receive specific service requests from customers, we also provide the same. These could include requests for valuation, requests for searching of documents, physical examination and visit to the property concerned, just to name a few. For all such individual requirements we have separate fee structures which are very affordable and reasonable to say the least. Hence, if you are looking for quality conveyancing at affordable rates, please do contact us.