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Conveyancing Process – Selling


Quite a few people are under the impression that conveyancing process is more applicable only for buying a property. This is not actually correct because there are quite a few processes of conveyancing that need to be gone through even if you are planning to sell a real estate property. It might be true that some of the processes that are applicable as a buyer may not be applicable for sellers. Nonetheless, we can play a big role in helping all those real estate sellers who would like to rest peacefully after they have handed over the entire conveyancing process to us. Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to consider us when it comes to selling your real estate properties, however big or small it might be.

The first fact is that we are a very reputed real estate conveyancing company in Brisbane. We have rich experience in this field and therefore are quite equipped to handle all matters related to selling of a real estate property. Secondly, having been in this business for quite a long period of time, we have excellent relationships with banks, financial institutions, and government departments which help us to get through the entire process of conveyancing much faster than others.

Once a customer evinces interest in taking our services for conveyancing, we send a written communication expressing our desire to take up the assignment. We also send a well designed and highly informative questionnaire which will go a long way in understanding the needs and requirements of the customers. We also get in touch with the buyers and get the process moving and ensure that the buyer gets all the required documents from the seller. These could include the title deed documents, the non-encumbrance certificate and other such details which are very important for the buyer.

We are also called upon by the sellers to get in touch with the banks and financial institutions for closing the property mortgage loan that they might have taken from them. This is again a complex job and involves going through many calculations and also executing quite a few documents. We handle the entire job on behalf of the seller or his authorized attorney. In fine our job is to ensure that the seller gets the sale proceeds credited to his account within the shortest possible time. Considering our track record and experience in this area, please do not contact us for any conveyancing requirement either as a buyer or as a seller.