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Commercial Lease

Commercial leasing is a very big and complicated subject and if you are looking to either give or take on lease certain real estate properties, it is very important for you to have clear understanding of the rules. However, it is out of bounds for ordinary customers to have a clear understanding of the rules. They have to take the help and assistance of professionals for moving forward. We are a reputed conveyancing company in Brisbane and we are also quite well known for the various commercial lease deals that we have concluded on behalf of our customers. We are giving below the various reasons why it makes sense to take our help for all commercial leasing deals.

First and foremost, we try and educate the customers that are different types of commercial lease transaction that they can go in for. Gross lease, semi gross lease, and net leases are the most commonly use commercial lease transaction. It is quite understandable that the customers will not have much idea of these types of leases. Hence, we handle the entire transaction on behalf of the customers and protect the interest of the customers at all points in time.

For example, in a gross lease, the lessee has to pay a certain amount as lease periodically. We help the customers to draw up the lease agreements either as a lessee or the leaser as the case may be. In a gross lease the other monthly taxes and other recurring expenses are to be borne by the leaser. Hence, we make it sure that the agreement that we draw between the lessee and the leaser is quite clear with no chance for any ambiguity.

Further it is quite likely that the lease agreements will be renewed or cancelled after the expiry of the term period. This is mutually decided upon by both the parties. However, there could be the need to enter into a fresh agreement between the lessee and the leaser. We are the ones who work out the fresh agreements after taking into account various factors. We take into account the proposed increase in the lease amount and try and work out an agreement that is beneficial to the customer without being unfair to the leaser.

There are a number of other statutory requirements that have to be met by the lease on a regular basis. Being busy as they are, most leaser hand it over to professionals like us. We take the trouble of doing the needful to be on the right side of the law at all points in time.