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Buying First Home


The first home which we buy without any doubt is a very special event.  It is a dream-come-true for many of us. While it is a very happy event there are many challenges along the way. Arranging the finance, choosing the right property and last but not the least going through the entire conveyancing process is perhaps the most complicated and complex. It is here that we can play a very useful and positive role. We are a reputed conveyancing company based out of Brisbane and have created a niche for ourselves in this business. Hence we are confident that we can play a positive role for all those customers who are first time home buyers.

We are unique as far as conveyancing services are concerned. We perhaps one of the few real estate conveyancing companies who have a majority of first time home buyers. Therefore we are totally thorough with the various processes and steps pertaining to conveyancing. Let us over the next few lines try and find out the various utilities that we provide to our customers.

Once a customer decides in principle to go for a new home purchase our conveyancing clock starts ticking. We set with the customer and understand his requirements thoroughly. Once we have a reasonable understanding of the customers’ specific needs, we send out a questionnaire   to the customer and request him to return it to us duly filled. This gives us a clear direction that we have take for completing the entire conveyancing process.

Coming to specifics about the various services provided for first time buyers, it would not be out of place to mention here that we offer a one-stop solution under one roof for all matters pertaining to conveyancing. Whether it is offering our services for appointing real estate lawyers/attorneys or offering our expert valuation services, everything is available under one roof. 

Another important reason why many first time buyers come to us for conveyancing is because we offer the best of services at very reasonable rates. Further, we also are very particular about maintaining time-lines that our customers ask of us. There have been instances where we have able to offer our services within a couple of hours without compromising on the quality of services provided by us. Taking into account our past experience and also our track record as a reliable and efficient service provider, we would be happy to serve your conveyancing requirements if you are a first time home buyer.