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About Us

Conveyancing without any doubt is one of the most important procedures that have to be completed before the ownership of a real estate property has a legal sanction to it. Buying and selling real estate property is not the same as buying or selling other movable or immovable properties. There are many legal considerations that have to be taken into account and there are also other statutory and compliance related issues that have to be addressed.

Our conveyancing business in Brisbane is one of the most accountable and responsible firms. We have been serving the people of Brisbane with most affordable and reliable conveyancing services since many years now. We have developed our base here in Brisbane, starting with a limited number of clients to where we have been today is accountable to our hardworking conveyancers and management. We are proud to be on the approved panel of highly reputed government associations and departments. We have a strong client list in corporate field such as BSFC, and many other financial institutes.

There are many reasons attributable for our growth. However, the most important reason could be the strong fundamentals based on which our business has been set up. We believe in total transparency and openness with our customers, employees, vendors and other stakeholders. We have not and will not do anything that is contravention of the law or the widely accepted best business practices.

Though we have a main office in the heart of the city, we are really well networked. This is possible because of scores of freelancers who are situated across the various parts of the city and also the surrounding areas. Hence we can confidently claim that we are well represented as far as the entire city is concerned. Our client profile and demographics also supports it and we are not area or location centric as is the case with many other conveyancing companies.

We believe in investing heavily on technology and today we are one of the few conveyancing companies who have been able to make extensive use of the internet. We have leveraged the power and reach of internet to our benefit. This has resulted us in offering the best of conveyancing services at the doorstep of our customers. We are also very aggressively present in various social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and other such sites. Hence there are a number of reasons for our prospective customers to at least spend some time looking up our website. They will surely have a better understanding about our company and its activities.